i want to build a small home network having four computers . please help me if you are the right person .?
2006-02-19 21:22:56 UTC
i want to build a small home network having four computers . please help me if you are the right person .?
Four answers:
2006-02-20 08:42:59 UTC
1. get a switch

2. get some straight UTP cables (as many as the computers you want to have in your network). The cables can be up to 100 meters long.

3. make sure all your computers have network cards

4. connect the computers to the switch using the cables

5. power the switch

6. configure the ip addressess your computers. Use for the first computer, for the second and so on. configure the subnet masks as

7. Make sure all your computers are in the same workgroup.

8. have fun sharing :D
2006-02-19 21:51:57 UTC
Actually i do agree with the answer of hristo_y but in addition to that i think the best way is to consult somebody from your friends if they have the knowledge in networking. If not, you go to computer stores near you and ask if they have leaflets of the specifications in putting up a network for 4 computers.

There are some computer store that gives free installement as long you'll buy materials from their store.

Hope i've shared some advice to solve your problem. God Bless!
2006-02-19 21:42:26 UTC
If you are using Windows XP, I can help you.

First, you go to the Control Panel in the Start menu.

Control Panel (in Category View) --> click Network and Internet Connection --> click Set up or change your home or small office network --> Next --> Next --> Choose the statement describe your computer (if you not sure, click the View an example for image) --> choose the name you want --> Next --> Next --> Follow the introduction --> then Setup the same on your another computer
2006-02-19 21:24:25 UTC
Buy one 5 port switch.

Give every computer different local IP. For example:

PC1 ->

PC2 ->

PC3 ->

PC4 ->

Put them in the same workgroup.

Hook them to the switch. Now they can see each other.

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