hard disk partition problem?
2006-04-01 08:09:56 UTC
i rebooted my computer with startupdisk. ms dos prompt appears. i print command fdisk. then there are two partition listed in partition table 1.c: drive 19mb pri dos fat32xlba drive name 57 gb fat16x secondary lba.icould not delete the drive no 2. why and how can i delete it and repartitiong hard drive. plz help me.
Two answers:
2006-04-01 08:14:39 UTC
To delete the extended drive ... first you have to delete all the logical paritions in the extended drive. Then only u can delete the extended drive.

You can also use ...partition magic software also. It is very handy.

You can also boot with winxp CD and can repartion the hard disk.
2006-04-02 01:57:58 UTC
use ranish partition manager which can show you the partition details of your drive, format, repartition of drive

easy to use free download from

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