I've got slow ethernet communication between two computers connected by hub... what should I do?
2006-02-28 19:22:13 UTC
I'm using a hub to share a DSL internet connection between 2 computers and my XBOX. I suppose that, since we're already there, I can network the 2 PCs so I can file share and stuff like that. My main PC uses XP professional, the other one uses windows 2000 pro.
I can call up a directory in the 2000 machine from my XP, but when I try to copy a, lets say, 5 MB file... the copying takes a lifetime.
Now, I'm not a CCNA, but I know enough to say that there seems to be network collision occuring when I try to communicate directly between the 2 PCs. When one of them tries to transmit, both NICs xmit lights glow and the collision detection light on my hub goes on too. Then there's a pause, which I assume is the Ethernet Collision Detection algorithm going on... then it repeats until the file is eventually xmitted... long time later.
Must point out that the internet connection works fine for all 3 pieces of equipment.
What should I check on them so they can intercommunicate at top speed?
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2006-02-28 19:33:05 UTC
Configure the network adapters on both the PCs in Half Duplex mode and verify if this resolves the issue. This can be done as follows: -

Step 1: Go to Start> Control Panel > and select Network connections.

Step 2: Right click on your network card (for 2000 and XP only)and select Properties.

Step 3: Select the Configure button.

Step 4: Under the Advanced tab you will see two boxes; Property and Value.

Note: Depending on the type of Ethernet card you are using the headings in the Property box will be slightly different.

Step 5: Select each heading in the Properties box until the Value box displays the speed of your Ethernet card (it will look like this: Auto-Negotiation, 10Mb Full, 100 MB Half, etc..). You want to select 10mb Full Duplex.

Step 6: Keep clicking OK until you get to the desktop. Your computer may ask you to reboot depending on the version of Windows you are running.
2016-12-09 03:25:00 UTC
Ethernet Connection Between Two Computers
2006-02-28 19:35:10 UTC
i'm not ccna either.. but lemme guess.. since both are professional versions, they want to rule the network.

did u check the error logs to c what exactly is happening?

check the error logs and make sure that only one of them is the Master Browser.

I had a similar problem cos in similar situation. win xp pro and 2k pro.. i was getting error called MXRSMB or something like that where both want to be master browser of the network.. and then an election occurs.. etc.. so i changed the registry of both to make sure that only my xp system is master browser and 2k remains as slave..

that solved the slownes..

hope that helps..

this is one link i found that tells what registry to change.


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