Unknown PING problem, please help!?
2011-12-21 04:39:50 UTC
Hello, I have windows 7 ultimate 32bit..I have this annoying ping problem when I'm playing games online like cod, sa-mp, MTA:SA, my ping jumps from 120-130 to 200-400 or 600-800 for unknown reasons...I have orange 2mbps, they say i have no noise or any faults on my line..and when i speedtest i get 1.5-1.7mpbs which is good i dont want full speed, browsing is good but ping jumps, i had windows xp and it was worse but i then switched to 7, I'm afraid i may have a virus/malware that uses up my net local area connection's mtu is 1500 and my orange broadband is 1500 set by me..this all started when (internet box on telephone pole) broke down and orange came to fix it..they fixed it but I'm not sure fully, and i told them..but they said we ould have fualty readings if it had any errors and we checked it could it be windows/drivers/hardware errors? ..HELP! i can't even play a ****** single game..
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Papa Lazarous
2011-12-21 06:35:38 UTC will only give you so much info about download and upload speeds and not much about latency and Ping.

Go to: to get detailed info on your latency and ping as well as dropped packets.

Choose a server from the map close to you and run Ping test. you will see a lot of helpful info after the test has completed, including ping latency, wow and flutter and other info that is helpful to troubleshoot latency issues. Your results are graded from A to D and information is provided as to how your results will affect online gaming, ability to use VOIP services etc.

A good Ping result will be under 50ms and under 10% wow and flutter [this shows how consistent the Ping timings are and gives you an idea of QofS [Quality of Service].

A 2Mbps service is rather slow for online gaming in this day and age and at peak evening times you may get only 50% of this speed as Orange apply "traffic shaping" measures to limit each users traffic and bandwidth.

It may be that Orange have a congested network in your area and their default DNS servers are slow to repsond. You can try using Open DNS or Google DNS settings instead [tutorials for changing DND settings are available online]. Changing DNS settings can improve your latency [Ping] quite a lot but make sure you read the tutorials carefully and make a note of your current default DNS settings before changing them [as if you don't set it up right you will lose internet connectivity]
Mark O
2011-12-21 06:39:54 UTC
Check your brouser helper objects. some may be accessing the internet to send data back to the advertiser. is a big one for this.

autoupdaters will run as well.

download microsofts "process explorer" and see what process are running you can find each one at a time and do an internet search for it to find out what it is.

Another item could be hardware driver update services.

ganentee its something accessing the internet that you have allowed .

some program you have installed may have had a trojin backdoor in it as well verify what process are running

or do a factory clean boot again
2016-10-02 03:58:19 UTC
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