why won't my computer connect to the internet?
2006-01-25 04:50:36 UTC
I just did a fresh install of windows xp home on my desktop. The device manager reports no issues with the ethernet card and with my network cable plugged in the lights on the ethernet card are flashing like they are supposed to. any ideas?
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2006-01-25 05:02:07 UTC
This depends on what your ethernet card is connected to. If you are connected to a switch, make sure that you are not plugged into the uplink port --also, make sure that your cable/DSL modem is connected into the switch as well and that your modem's diagnostics show that you are connected to the internet.

If you are connected to your Cable/DSL modem directly with your ethernet card, make sure that your modem is connected to the internet. (Usually there is an administrative site on the device that you configure to contact your ISP.)

Also, make sure that your network card is detected properly on Windows XP and that the device has not been disabled.

Short of all that, check with your Internet Service Provider to make sure there are not problems on their end.
2006-01-25 13:29:05 UTC
First, try logging into your modem (either call your ISP or look in manual for proper IP... I don't know who your provider is, but is BellSouth's default modem IP) from your browser. Can you login successfully? If yes, then try contacting the web... If login was not successful, then try pinging your modem by going to "Start" --> "Run," type "cmd" and hit enter. From there, type: ping (or whatever your modem's IP is) and see if you can contact it at all. If the ping fails, you may want to try releasing/renewing your DHCP (assuming you are using that to auto-configure). I hope you get this worked out! :)
2006-01-25 12:59:21 UTC
it may be that you need to enter the necessary seetings for the TCP/IP relevant to your ISP. If you have these you can type them by right clicking on your Network Places Icon on the desktop or through the CP. Then go to properties, TCP/IP (double-click that) and ender the info here.

also chech if u have the icon in the taskbar with the two PCs flashing or not.

let me know how your doing or ask further at
darlene gutierrez
2006-01-25 12:58:34 UTC
check your connections

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